June 27th until September 21st 2008 - At 936 Mei Ling Way in LA's Chinatown

Sunday, July 13, 2008

7/11 4-8 pm

Many visitors, so many that I had no time to write this. Residents and business owners welcoming us to the neighborhood. A qigong session. Sarah Anderson, of Sumi Ink Club/Lucky Dragons, stopped in to discuss a collaborative event between Sumi Ink Club, Ooga Booga and SmockShop (a great Kate idea!)- we had a few meetings earlier in the week and possibilities are bubbling, Im compiling notes to get your feedback (Ashira, we're talking screen prints! And, yes to the pants). Wendy Yao and Tessa, of OogaBooga stopped in to discuss neighborhood business - summer is generally slow - and check out the smocks - much love.

Vital signs: many visitors questioned whether we were a studio or business. I cut a few pieces of plywood for 2 sandwich board signs and handed them over to Kate for painting. The wood has a beautiful veneer to be incorporated into the graphics - AZ style. A banner/flag in the front would be nice.

I love smockshopkeeping!

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Karen said...

Thanks for the update! Great to hear what's cooking. I love the blog setup. And of course I can't wait to see pictures! Hopefully I will be working on a smock for myself for summer (yes-- summer has finally come to Maine although today I had on a wool sweater for a while!!!)-- i will post pictures soon.