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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Guest Blog by Rest In Peace

I hope you were fortunate enough to witness the amazing debut of VOS (minus one band member) at the Smockshop last night. One of my personal goals were achieved: just enough people showed up so that there was leftover Bacardi that I could put in my freezer last night. All I need now is a sunny Sunday afternoon, some pineapple juice, and a well built go-go boy dancing to Mark Farina in my backyard.

There will be plenty more opportunities to witness my amazing dance technique (I promise I will be properly waxed next time) and Peggy's ingenuity. But it won't always be me cavorting around with a performance flag.

Last night was more about me as Rest In Peace being the 21st century Mammy/exoticed object, and I wanted it to connect this in a practical way to our upcoming performance in New York: we'll do anything for art (spending all our savings for an opportunity at fame), and feel no shame in asking the general public to give us money for using our female, minority bodies (kissing, hair touching). The whole Mammy part for me was the advice I gave out when people gave us money - my friends are always asking me for advice about their lives (as if I know what I'm talking about), so I figured, might as well capitalize on it.

Pictures and video will follow. No, I'm not even gonna try and act like I hit that green light post on purpose - it was a total mess up. I made it all up as I went along. A further testament to my brilliance.

Now, I need to use my body for the Smockshop so that we can all have more money - Rest In Peace, after all, is the biggest art hoe of them all.

Hoes Take Off Your Clothes - DJ Assault

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