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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I missed Peggy's show at Smockshop tonight :(

Peggy I'm sorry I had to miss it.. How did it go?? do you have pictures? Should we have posted it up here?


I'll be at Smockshop tomorrow from 12-4. Last Thursday, I ended up staying at the shop until 8pm. I found myself getting so much work done. A few people came in and tried on smocks. One woman looked beautiful in Molly's long silk navy blue smock. It was perfect. But I guess it wasn't hers. Does anyone else feel like the smocks kinda find the right people to wear them?

hmmm that would make the cutest animation... not that I do animation... I'm just sayin'

As for tomorrow, I will be on my way to finishing 2 smocks, and possibly I will start making pants for the boat.

Feel free to come and say Hi!

x Ashira

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