June 27th until September 21st 2008 - At 936 Mei Ling Way in LA's Chinatown

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mapping To The Smockshop

Maybe this map will help people navigate the little streets around the Smockshop. If you're visiting by car, keep in mind that the Smockshop is located centrally between the Pasadena freeway (110), the Golden State freeway (5), the Santa Ana freeway (101), and the San Bernardino freeway (10). The 10 & 101 freeways sort of merge along a straight path at one point. As far as locating oneself, the Smockshop is a bit north&east of downtown L.A., a bit south of Dodger Stadium (on the other side of the 110 freeway). Lastly, the two closest L.A. Metro stops are at Chinatown and Union Station.

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