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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hudson River Smock Tales..

Well - ok - no smock notice yet. The smock I made for the boat is still packed away in my duffle bag. But. But. But. I have PLANS!!

Here are a couple photos of three of the seven sister boats of Switchback Sea and some words on what is going on so far.

There are seven boats in the fleet (although there may actually be more like 10). Althea is the steam boat built by Kinetic Steam Works from the Bay Area. A crew of KSW people came out and will be with us throughout the journey. I can't wait to learn about steam!!

Maria is next to Althea in the photo below. She is operated with a GASIFIER, and is supposed to run on stuff like coffee grinds and eggshells. Right now it still is powered by gasoline but that will be fixed soon! This is also the boat that will host the majority of the performance, written by Lisa D'Amour. Alas I do not have a solo part like I was originally told, but I will be singing my heart out in the group songs!

This is Alice. She is unbearably beautiful.

My job is mainly deck hand. Today has been filled with knot learning and water safety training and other important stuff. We even had a lecture on the history of the Hudson River. And amazingly - it is - mostly - safe to swim in these days!! (except after a rain storm or near sewage treatment plans of course)

My plans for the smock include photos.

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