June 27th until September 21st 2008 - At 936 Mei Ling Way in LA's Chinatown

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Movement Session was a raging success!

Well Im sorry I didnt give better notice about today's event at the smockshop so that everyone could have planned to come, because you missed a great time. But don't worry! Just come next week!
Peggy and I made signs, she did a walk around Chinatown with hers to pump up interest, and then we just went for it. We did some sun salutations, then she lead a really nice meditation for us. I feel centered and great! We discussed how our bodies are doing, which is always endlessly interesting. Then we choreographed a routine to Mickey Avalon's "Jane Fonda," and finally got our heart rates way up Sweatin' to the Oldies with Richard Simmons. We really did alot in a short time, and i feel optimistic that future sessions will be even more fruitful. Also I brought all my books that seemed relevant, plus my foot acupressure board, which is very pretty.

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