June 27th until September 21st 2008 - At 936 Mei Ling Way in LA's Chinatown

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sewing Rebellion

The first LA Sewing Rebellion met on Saturday Sept. 20!  The eager sewer's greeted Frau Fiber at the door, with bags of goods to recycle and reuse.  The four hour shift was productive, a wrap shirt was modified and embellished with burnt red thread and buttons, a denim jacket was transformed from boxy to sleek, an old t-shirt was remade into a cute tank top, and the outfit was completed with coordinating mini skirt and owl purse.  All in attendance also learned how to hand bind a button hole and sewing on a button.

If you are interested in hosting a Sewing Rebellion, please contact Frau Fiber, at Fraufiber@gmail.com

Stop Shopping, Start Sewing!

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