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Saturday, February 28, 2009

berliners dig into smocks..

Update From Chicago – Remote Recap

Hello Everyone,

I hope all is well across the country and abroad. Of course some news has already spread itself about, but I just wanted to follow up a little with our sale in Berlin at Sprüth Magers. It was (is), as Kenturah already mentioned, simply amazing. And it wouldn’t have been so, if not for all of your generous projects, work, energy, accumulations of thought, and good spirits. Everyone who came in to see the smockshop was genuinely interested, and asked many questions to boggle the mind. I of course did my best to wade through these - but the best part of all - was that in the end, all these questions really solidified how far the smockshop has come over the past two years. It is truly remarkable what the smockshop has accomplished, and only nature knows where it may go next.

My thoughts are just about everywhere on the experience, so please bear with me if they seem somewhat jumbled or out of order – they do compose a whole though – I promise. A few thoughts for now: The Cindy Sherman work in the other Sprüth Magers space below us was superb, and a pleasure to have accompany the smockshop (I think there is some connection between these two, perhaps in a strange way). Inside and outside of the gallery, food was fantastic: everyday the gallery would order in for some scrumptious cuttings, shavings, peace-mealing, of veggies, grains, meats, and treats, to be followed by a quick coffee. And of course we were always finding our way to new haunts in the evenings – on the final night in town we went to a little Turkish deli/restaurant and had falafel, hummus, and döners in Prenzlauer Berg, this will not be forgotten (I am a huge fan of filling the gullet though, so it doesn’t take much to impress me, but this I promise - was extraordinary). Oh, and the Green Tea ice cream we had at a little sushi shop called Kuchi, this was some pretty smooth stuff, pretty smooth. Ahhh, and the Kölsch beer at a little bar close the Volksbuhne theater, fresh from Cologne, this, I’m glad I didn’t miss. Which also, makes me think of crossing between what used to be Berlin West and East Berlin, although I’m by no means savvy enough to talk about the politics of this at length, the little instances that were pointed out, or the few which were more obvious than others were a great learning experience (the old Soviet architecture is awesome). And, lastly, for now, the weather: well, the weather was dark and dreary, a bit snowy, a bit rainy – but it was perfect – it fit, Berlin is just the kind of place to slosh around and enjoy life – I think if the sun were out it would have distracted from all the great things at ground level.

My hat’s off to Berlin, thanks again smockshop, thanks again Sprüth Magers!

P.s. If anyone heads out there, definitely visit Kumasch for fabrics on Kantstrasse (at Weimarerstrasse), they have some fine materials, and a really nice selection of Japanese shears. I know I mentioned it in the last post, I guess I wish I could have just taken it home with me.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

berlin hearts smockshop hearts berlin

well, what can i say?....last week went by like a whirlwind. i will do my best to give a synopsis of all that happened over the next few posts as i collect and organize all my memories/thoughts...at this very moment i can confidently say that the smockshop's migration overseas is turning out to be a very good thing. the questions raised in the "state of the smockshop" post a few months ago, along with the conversations since, now seem to swim in a pool of many other possibilities.

...one more thing that i'd like to say about all the "smockers" involved in this project:

YOU ALL ARE AMAZING PEOPLE/TALENTS...i knew this already, but as i was gathering all the pages for the Lookbook and installing for the Sprueth Magers show, this fact became much more tangible. i think i recently shared this thought with tony, kate and michelle, but i feel this is a great moment to reiterate that this is a special collective of artists....another grand thanks to andrea zittel for allowing us to do what we do and giving us this opportunity to shine.



Friday, February 20, 2009

smockshop berlin @ Sprüth Magers

Greetings from Berlin! - smockers and everyone else beyond!

The Berlin sale here at Spüth Magers has been a great success, by the end of opening night, we had already sold ten smocks! Today we are in the gallery sewing and stitching away at a furious pace: cutting, folding, sewing, etc. After the setup, which took place on Monday and Tuesday we were able to visit Kumasch fabric store east of mitte. They had a great selection and the sweetest circular fluorescent lights we have ever seen. Kenturah picked up some fine cotton prints (pseudo-batik), and I found a great green woolen weave to mate with a simple denim for what I’m hoping will be a sleeved smock.

This has been a great experience and I look forward to sharing more of it with everyone back in the states.

Thank you smockers, thank you Andrea, and thank you Sprüth Magers!

Tschuss, Tony

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

smockshop berlin!

FEBRUARY 18 - APRIL 10 2009

Monika Sprüth Philomene Magers
Oranienburger Straße 18
D-10178 Berlin