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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Explaining the smockshop_attempt 2

I made these videos in 2007. Watching these videos again shows me how alot about the smockshop has changed in the past 2 years. In the beginning of the project, we were paid upfront with each smock we made. It used to be a dependable way to supplement our artist incomes. But then the economy went to shit, and the smockshop had to consign smocks instead. But somehow, I think the smockshop came in at the right time for all of us, and then we grew with it as we became equally invested in our own projects and lives, its become this thing that all of us are very proud to be a part of. So here's another video of Smocker Kate Hillseth, she's a gallerist in Los Angeles.

Explaining the smockshop_attempt 1

Hello Smockers and Smockshop fans,

We're about to have our last smock sale at the Sprueth Magers gallery in London and so I finally felt it was time that I gave my explanation of this whole thing. At the beginning of the Smockshop project, I had wanted to try and explain it all and I apologize for the lateness of this explanation attempt, but I didn't really have my shit together at the time and Andrea had said an explanation would come with a lot of responsibility so of course I freaked out, got depressed, and didn't go through with it.

But now, I am in an artist residency in Spain, and my allergies have forced me to stay inside and since everyone else here is busy with their "process" it has given me the drive/time to post up what some of the other smockers'have said about the project in hopes that we can share this responsibility of explanation. Here's a lovely video of V. Smiley giving her explanation of the smockshop project. SMOCKSHOP FOREVER!

Peggy Jo