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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Explaining the smockshop_attempt 1

Hello Smockers and Smockshop fans,

We're about to have our last smock sale at the Sprueth Magers gallery in London and so I finally felt it was time that I gave my explanation of this whole thing. At the beginning of the Smockshop project, I had wanted to try and explain it all and I apologize for the lateness of this explanation attempt, but I didn't really have my shit together at the time and Andrea had said an explanation would come with a lot of responsibility so of course I freaked out, got depressed, and didn't go through with it.

But now, I am in an artist residency in Spain, and my allergies have forced me to stay inside and since everyone else here is busy with their "process" it has given me the drive/time to post up what some of the other smockers'have said about the project in hopes that we can share this responsibility of explanation. Here's a lovely video of V. Smiley giving her explanation of the smockshop project. SMOCKSHOP FOREVER!

Peggy Jo

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