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Thursday, September 24, 2009

London Images

Here, for starters are some photos of London. In the next short while Michelle and I will post a little writeup on our great great great experience!

Monday, September 21, 2009

sites of inspiration

i bought myself an early birthday present: a ticket to london.

i had the wonderful opportunity to travel to berlin earlier this year, courtesy of Sprüth Magers Gallery, where tony koerner and i played the role of smockshop ambassadors. when it was confirmed that the gallery would bring the project to it's london location for the final sale, i knew i had to go....so i went...and i'm glad.

i joined andrea zittel, michelle brunnick and molly keogh on a memorable trip that solidified my perpetual amazement of the diversity of our group. despite the fact that this exhibition offers the final opportunity for individuals to buy our smocks, i hope that the project will continue to live on through our followers who adopt the pattern for their own creative pursuits. long live the smocks!

i remember watching the episode of Art 21 that featured andrea zittel years ago and being amazed by her diverse, yet cohesive set of skills that make her such an important artist...i never imagined that i'd be able to engage with her and her work so directly; and i never imagined that my sewing habit would venture outside the realm of "hobby". my time in london helped me reflect on all these things. after wandering from the high-end shops of the posh Mayfair neighborhood, where the gallery is located, to the edgy Camden market, i returned to the smockshop with a fresh appreciation of all that the project has to offer...it is my #1 site of inspiration because it has everything: simplicity, complexity, sophistication, grunge, femininity, masculinity, conceptualism, avante garde, colorfulness, subtlety, minimalism, geometry, fluidity, kitsch and personality.

i'm looking forward to our next venture.