June 27th until September 21st 2008 - At 936 Mei Ling Way in LA's Chinatown

Thursday, September 24, 2009

London Images

Here, for starters are some photos of London. In the next short while Michelle and I will post a little writeup on our great great great experience!


tony said...

I'm so super stoked to see smockshop London! - it looks to me that the trip was totally fantastic and the space is amazingly set - thanks much to all the smockers and Sprüth Magers, and of course Andrea, Michelle, Molly, and Kenturah for all your hardwork to make it happen yet again. Although this sale predicts a new turn for the smockshop, I'll never forget the steps that lead up to it.

Cheers, thanks, and to the future,


Karen said...

Yes-- what Tony said! And thanks, Kenturah for posting the photos. I wish I had thought of the early birthday present idea-- that was super smart!!!! So glad you were able to go. I had already planned to go to California and was wishing I could be in two places at once. Now I am back in Maine.

Maybe in honor of the new turn for smockshop, we can post some behind-the-scenes photos here (like a nostalgic montage?).

Locally here there are several people asking me about how to make smocks based on the pattern that is now on the site (thanks to Michelle). The double apron aspect is a little mysterious until you see it in person. It will be interesting to see the development of the open-source phase of the project.

smock on.